Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Up until now I have had two very neglected blogs. I had one where I would (complain) comment on the world around me and one where I attempted to lose weight and be a better person. After a lot of time not blogging and doing much thinking, I realized that dividing myself into two blogs isn’t really a great idea. I am who I am, cynical, angry, hopeful, fun loving, sarcastic, funny, caring and loyal. Trying to divide the good from the bad just makes me fractured and unlikely to do either. So from now on, I am will only be keeping one blog going, and the winner is: The meanest girl in the word (just cuz I like that title better).


uconnvicky said...

Good for you! I look forward to reading your blog :-) Glad you're keeping this one...it's my favorite!

Kdawg said...

Thanks, I will hopefully be updating more regualarly as well.