Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Meanest Girl in the World

I don't blame my parents for making me the "meanest girl in the world", I blame my college residential life staff. I blindly sat through their lectures and hungrily gobbled up their advice on making friends and ingraining myself in the college experience....and where did it get me?

It got me the title of "rent a bridesmaid". Sure it wasn't one of the women I befriended in college that dubbed me with the lovely title, but the brainwashing I endured put me on that path.

No one warned me that by being nice, fun, outgoing, friendly (modest), etc. would directly affect my future savings accounts, weekends, self esteem, and self worth. By this point you should be wondering what the crap this crazy woman is talking about, well I will tell you.

I am 29, I am not married (but in a long term relationship...more on that later), in the past 5 years I have attended more than 25 weddings (actually I have lost count or stopped counting), and have been a bridesmaid 4 times.

So what does that have to do with my college residential life staff, well they encouraged me to make friends, which I did, then after graduation I went on my merry way making friends as I went...then it began to happen....everyone started getting married and popping out kids.

For the sake of argument, I have no problem with marriage. I have a problem with the sense of entitlement that most women exhibit when they are in the processing of getting married. No longer does any conversation revolve around anything without somehow going back to "THE WEDDING". Every bride thinks she is the first person to ever get married.

I hate engaged women (there are a few exceptions, you know who you are :) they are spiteful, money grubbing witches who have no regard for anyone else except for what that particular person will buy off their registry. This is all I have to say now, but more will follow.

This framework is very important for reference because I will be expounding on this in the future, a lot.


Asully said...

Hi Kendra,
I'm Vicky's friend Anne and i agree with everything you said about weddings and showers! Ask Vicky what i think both of you SHOULD do!!


uconnvicky said...

I cannot wait to tell you what she said.